Student Shout Outs

It’s Never Too Late!

My name is Brandy, I’m 22 years old and a teen mom. Whitmore School helped me finish high school after I became pregnant at 15 years old. I quit school because to me, my daughter was more important than school. My husband, and the father to my daughter, had finished his high school through Whitmore. His family told me about the school and I thought it would be a great idea to get my high school diploma through them too. It may have taken me seven years to finish, but I did it! So, no matter what the reason you think you can not finish school, trust me you can!

The teachers are amazing and understand learning disabilities. I would really recommend this school to any student who has had a hard time in public school, for whatever reasons, or for students that excel at school. If it wasn’t for the teachers, my guidance counselor, all my family and friends; I would have never thought I would graduate.

Brandy S, 2018 Graduate

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