Student Shout Outs

Gigi N. – Pastry Chef

When Gigi was 14 years old, she discovered her love of baking. Her inspiration came from watching videos of others making cakes. She started by only baking for friends and family. Then at 16, she started an Instagram page to showcase her pieces, and soon was able to find new customers for her desserts.

Gigi N Cactus Cupcake

The process starts with picking out flavors, sketching out her idea on paper, making the frosting, and then assembling her creation. Baking is a creative outlet for her and she loves being able to share her creativity with others. She finds great joy when others fall in love with the cakes that she has worked so hard to construct.

Baking is extremely important to Gigi, and will always be her favorite hobby! Her cakes can take anywhere from 2 hours to 9 hours to complete. Having the flexible schedule at Whitmore School helps Gigi refine her skills, baking almost full-time, while also attending school.

Gigi N. Sweet 16 Cake

Some of her client favorites include her cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake with strawberry filling, and bagels! YUM!!! She hopes to one day sell her baked goods on a larger scale at the Farmer’s Market or to own a bakery.

Gigi N. Cupcakes

Gigi’s favorite quote to live by is,
There’s always a reason for cake.
– author unknown


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