FAQs (Academics and Enrollment)

Academics FAQs

Do you offer test prep courses?

Yes! There are two test prep options depending on your goals.

Test Prep CP focuses on general test-taking strategies and offers several SAT and ACT practice test questions to apply their strategies. Students will take a full practice test at the end of the course.

Whitmore School has selected Everydae to offer Test Prep SAT by Everydae, an intensive test prep course focusing on the SAT. Students login to their Everydae account on their smartphone, tablet or computer and complete fun 10 minute challenges at a time convenient to them. Students boost their SAT score on average by a total of 200 points. The additional fee of $199 through our affiliation includes up to 4 years of access, well below the price of $299 per year through the everdae website.

Watch this video about Everydae.

Do you offer tutoring support on core courses?

Yes. There are two ways you can opt for additional academic support:

Math problem shown on cell phoneYUP Math Tutoring offers one-to-one math support where students work with a tutor on specific math assignments where they need help. This option allows students to ask specific questions where they are stuck and work with a tutor until they have mastered the math concept. The $499 fee for YUP Math Tutoring when purchased through our affiliation with YUP, is well below the $1,599 cost to the public.



Everydae on phone tablet and computerEverydae Curriculum Support and SAT Test Prep is another great option for students wanting to practice and boost their academic skills. Test Prep SAT by Everydae is an optional 1.0 credit course offered to help students boost their SAT scores for college admission. Read more about this course here. Everydae Curriculum Support offers fun game-style challenges that can be completed in as few as 10 minutes per day on a phone, tablet or computer. These challenges are designed to give support and extra practice in courses the student is completing such as Biology, Chemistry, US History,  and Algebra. The one-time fee of $299 for Everydae Curriculum Support and SAT Test Prep is well below the cost to the public when purchased through our affiliation with Everydae.

Enrollment FAQs

Are there any other fees?

NO. There are no additional fees.

*Students make take advantage of our Curriculum Support Affiliates for Test Prep SAT by Everydae and YUP Math Tutoring. These support resources are optional.  Click here to Learn More. https://www.whitmoreschool.org/?page_id=4635&preview=true  (this link will go to the Curriculum Support Affiliates tab.

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