FAQs (Academics and Enrollment)

Academics FAQs

Do you offer test prep courses?


Test Prep CP focuses on general test-taking strategies and offers several SAT and ACT practice test questions to apply their strategies. Students will take a full practice test at the end of the course.

Do you offer tutoring support on math courses?


Math problem shown on cell phoneYUP Math Tutoring offers one-to-one math support where students work with a tutor on specific math assignments where they need help. This option allows students to ask specific questions where they are stuck and work with a tutor until they have mastered the math concept. The $499 fee for YUP Math Tutoring when purchased through our affiliation with YUP, is well below the $1,599 cost to the public.

Enrollment FAQs

Are there any other fees?

NO. There are no additional fees.

*Students make take advantage of our Curriculum Support Affiliate,  YUP Math Tutoring. These support resources are optional.  Click here to Learn More. https://www.whitmoreschool.org/?page_id=4635&preview=true  (this link will go to the Curriculum Support Affiliates tab.

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