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Etanne M. Rescues Puppies in Uruguay

Etanne is a 10th grader at Whitmore who lives in Urguary. When she is not doing her school work, Etanne and her mom manage a dog and puppy rescue organization in Urguary. They try and save as many homeless puppies as they possibly can.

Etanne says,”We are changing the laws here and trying (and this is the hardest part) to change the way people think about dogs”.

Here is an example of a typical rescue for these two incredible women.

A while ago, Etanne and her mom took in a little dog, they named him David, after a man who donated puppy toys that were very much needed. Unfortunately, David had parvo, a very dangerous virus. Etanne shared, “This virus can live in the soil for two years, infecting any other puppy that walks there”.

David had had to be contain in a separate part of the yard outside. When Etanne and her mom woke the next morning, David had a fever, they had to take him to the vet immediately. Luckily, for the little dog, his fever passed and the infection was past the incubation period. David is now safe and healthy!

Etanne says her daily duties are, building shelters, taking dogs to and from castrations, teaching them how to be successful in their new homes, giving the dogs medication, cleaning them up and feeding them.

Etanne shares that her mom does these things as well, but she also manages the Facebook page, so she can find good homes for the dogs and also receive donations so they can keep helping these animals.

Below is a link to their website:

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