Diploma PLUS Program Payment Plan

Our Whitmore School Diploma PLUS Program Payment Plan consists of six monthly payments as follows:

Payment #1: $599 due today
Payment #2: $280 due in 1 month
Payment #3: $280 due in 2 months
Payment #4: $280 due in 3 months
Payment #5: $280 due in 4 months
Payment #6: $280 due in 5 months

Questions? Our Admissions Counselors are available M-F from 9 AM-4:30 PM EST to guide you through the enrollment process. Call 844-409-0521.

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Confused, frustrated, and disappointed. Parents are exasperated with schools that are on again and off again. If your child has fallen behind in more than just a few high school courses or is just not receiving the individual attention they need to succeed, enrolling in a full-time, proven, accredited virtual school could be your best option.
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Virtual learning is not new. There are hundreds of accredited public and private schools that specialize in virtual learning.

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