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Devin W. – Professional Content Creator

Devin was your typical kid growing up, playing sports and going to school. However, in the 9th Grade, he gave up the constraints of the classroom for online schooling. Thus, allowing Devin the freedom to focus on becoming a professional Fortnite gamer and content creator.

His typical online school day begins at 10:00 am and ends around 2:00 pm. The rest of his day is devoted to streaming online as “Duster” and sharpening his gaming skills. Devin has developed a large network of friends and fellow gamers through his streaming and video gaming competitions.

Devin W Gaming

Click the video below for Devin’s story –
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Devin is always working and looking for new opportunities to expand on his skills. In 2020, along with his friend – Griffin – and their parents, he co-founded the nonprofit organization, Coalition of Parents in Esports (COPE). COPE was developed for parents and educators to inspire youth success through gaming. Click the photo below to visit the website:

Devin W Cope

Devin is enrolled to start the Honors Program at Rollins College in the fall. Rather than pursue a path that most would expect (a degree in Computer Programming), he will pursue an MBA in Marine Biology! Way to broaden your horizons, Devin!

Devin W Rollins College

Devin says, “Without Whitmore I would have never been able to explore all these interests or find this path for my future. I am also so thankful for the administration and teachers who helped me through the college application process.”

Thank you, Devin!




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