Student Shout Outs

Delilah H. – Graceful Longboard Surfer

Delilah was first introduced to the ocean as a child by her Mom, an avid surfer. At first, Delilah was hesitant to surf, but soon became just as enamored with the ocean and the sport. The family moved to Costa Rica when she was 14, and she was surprised to find herself to be the only girl in her class to surf.  The waves in Costa Rica were larger than where she grew up. However, this only fueled her desire to become a professional surfer. She now travels internationally to compete in longboard surfing competitions!

Delilah H. Surfing

Delilah says, “I get very focused around the dates of my competitions and that’s the only thing I can think about and work towards. So I find it very difficult to balance my work, training, school and social time but I make it happen.” Delilah certainly makes it happen here at Whitmore School by earning straight A’s! With her determination, Delilah’s star will continue to rise at Whitmore School, as well as in the world of longboard surfing!

Delilah H. Winning



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