Student Shout Outs

Cassie C. – Tall Ship Sailor

Cassie was bored after the Covid-19 lock down and decided to travel abroad. She began searching the internet for a destination. That destination became Norway! After applying and being accepted, she spent her junior year in high school working, schooling, and living on a tall ship called the “Sørlandet”.

Cassie C. Group Ship

The ship is based out of Kristiansand, Norway. It is 210 feet long and was launched in 1927! Cassie decided to learn Norwegian, because most of the crew spoke it. Together with Duolingo and the help of the crew, click her photo below to hear how beautifully Cassie speaks Norwegian. Pretty impressive!!

Cassie C. Speaking Norwegian

She sailed around Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean. Then eventually sailed to the archipelago of islands near Portugal called, “The Azores”, before returning to Norway.

Cassie C. Waves

Cassie C. Crow's Nest

Cassie C. Swimming


Cassie C Group Pics


How many high school students dream of living abroad, learning to speak a foreign language, sailing the high seas to exotic locations, and still earn credits for graduation (all in a span of ONE year)?! Whitmore School can help make it a possibility!

Cassie C. SailingWhat an adventure of a lifetime! Gratulasjoner, Cassie!

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