Having Time for Mountain Bike Racing – Epic!

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What I love most about going to Whitmore School, a private online high school, is that I have so much more free time. I can do my school work anytime of the day, and this gives me time for two part-time jobs and my real passion of  competitive mountain biking. My racing season starts soon, and I will be training 3-5 days a week, traveling and competing until May.

It may sound easy, but there are days that don’t go as planned.

I went for a bike ride last week which I hoped would be epic. I planned to do a 60-70 mile ride that took me from San Ramon, (where I live) into Castro Valley, then north into the Oakland hills, around Lafayette and home.

I was perfectly packed and had many hours to get the ride done and had all the parts to fix my bike if something happened. While I was in the Oakland hills though, 37 miles from home, I heard the dreaded sound of air escaping from my tire. Well, that is no big deal, I have all the parts to fix it, right? I repaired the flat and started pumping the tire up, and kept pumping, and pumping and pumping. Something in the pump was broken, and I was stranded on a Thursday night 30+ miles from home.

So I called my mom, and with traffic, she said she could get there in 3 hours, because there was a giant accident on the freeway. So, I sat down on a log, put on my jacket and waited. Then it started getting dark, and cold, and I thought to myself, how could this get any worse? Well, that question was answered by rain.

Panic? Actually, I stayed calm and ran to the nearest house with my bike, and knocked on the door with no avail. Four houses later… I friendly family opened their door and let me inside. They even made me hot chocolate!

I was able to keep a positive attitude, and my mom eventually arrived, and we got safely home. More biking adventure to come as my racing season starts.

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Written By:
Garrett M. – current student
Danville, CA

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