The Best Way to Overcome Math-Phobia

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Written by Ellen R.

Let’s be candid. Math is HARD. We get that.

To be successful in math, students need to be focused, determined, and persistent. They need to work consistently to recall the mastered skills needed to build the skills for higher-level concepts.

This poses challenges in the online learning environment. One student put it this way;

“What if I get stuck on a problem and have to wait for my teacher’s help? My frustration level begins to build. But… if I could have access to an online math tutor anytime I had a question, or I just needed a little support to figure it out… Ahhhhh. That would be great!!!”

Yup is a great resource for all types of learners: introverted students who are too shy to ask for help – but love the anonymity of this message-based communication; adult learners who have busy lives and need help, at that very moment, while they have the time to be doing their school work, even while juggling the kids and other adult life events; and students who just get stressed-out by math.

Click here for a YUP Demo.

Benefit #1 – Instant gratification. Virtual schools, like Whitmore School, have chosen online, on-demand math tutoring companies such as YUP, a Stanford University backed tutoring company. Students simply download an app to their phone and have access to a tutor, usually in less than a minute, to get help with those tricky math problems. Instant gratification, and no frustration.

Benefit #2 – No time spent waiting for the teacher’s help. Students can stay focused and move through their math assignments uninterrupted. Nice.

Benefit #3 – Tutors are available 24/7 every day. Really! We are not kidding. So even the student who is a night owl can get the help they need – even at 11:00 pm.

Benefit #4 – Virtual math tutors come to you. No appointment – no drive time. Tutors do not hand out answers. Instead, they are trained to engage students so that they achieve that “Oh, now I get it” moment. And then, everything clicks.

Benefit #5 –  Students are pretty tech-savvy when it comes to their phones. The Yup app is easy to download, and students simply enter the school’s access code, and they are immediately connected. Easy!

Click here to learn more about Whitmore School’s Diploma PLUS with Tutoring Program.

Written By:
Ellen R.
Principal and Mom of Alina B. -2009 Graduate

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