Getting Off to a Good Start Tip #1

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Written by Ellen R.

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Parents choose Whitmore School for many reasons; flexible school schedule, social concerns with bullying, athletes and performing artists have a busy travel schedules, the homeschooling parent who wants their child to attend an accredited high school. 

Students choose us for different reasons: no school buses or school lunches, no dress code, no social drama. Whatever your reasons, a good start is essential. In this series, we will share tips from parents who have successfully made this transition.

 Tip #1: Start by asking your child to set a schedule for “going to school.”

The traditional school schedule takes 6-7 hours at school, plus travel time, plus homework time. A student’s schedule is set for them. English begins at 8:37 am – ready or not!  Here is your child’s first opportunity to take charge of their education. At Whitmore School you and your child are empowered to set a schedule that works around your busy life.

  • Listen to your child’s expectations, and share yours. Teens may think that online school will be easy and that it can be completed in a few minutes a day, but this is unrealistic. With our mastery-learning approach, we believe that all students are smart and capable of working at the A – B level. Let your child know that they will be allowed to revise their work until it meets this high standard, and that it takes time to develop the skills to submit quality work. This will help your child set a realistic schedule and avoid becoming frustrated.
  • Ask your child questions:
    • “What subject  do you want to start with?”
    • “What courses are most challenging? When do you want to tackle those?”
    • “How much time do you need to spend on each course?”
    • “What is your plan if you complete a revision in just a few minutes? Will you begin on a new lesson?”
  • Is your child a morning person? (let’s face it – most teens aren’t) No problem. A good schedule might be to get up at 9:00 am, take care of hygiene and chores, and be ready to start school at 10:00 am.
  • Is your child easily distracted? A schedule with frequent breaks is a good plan. Tackle 1 course at a time and take a break before moving to the next course. Exercising, walking the dog, or doing household chores, can all be ways to break up the day.
  • Do you have a busy schedule of athletic competitions or artistic performances? The beauty of our school, is that it is open 24/7. Many students take a laptop with them on their travels.

Post the schedule someplace that is will be seen everyday. The refrigerator is a good place. Then be patient. The great thing about Whitmore School is that you can adjust your schedule as you need to!

Whitmore School is School – Anytime – Anyplace!

Written By:
Ellen R.
Principal and Mom of Alina B – 2009 Graduate


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