High School Diploma vs GED

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Written by Ellen R.

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Is the General Education Development (GED) credential the same thing as a high school diploma? Research on post secondary education, employability, and income potential resoundingly says no. Here are some statistics that support the importance of earning a high school diploma.

  • High school graduates earn about $9,300 per year more than those without a high school diploma. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013)
  • High school graduates are more prepared for college. Less than 5% of those with a GED graduate from college, while 33% of high school graduates earn a bachelor’s degree from college. (U.S. Census Bureau, National Bureau of Economic Research)
  • According to, the military may require a higher score on the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) for GED holders. And, the military limits the number of GED holders who can enlist due to a higher rate of dropping out of military service.
  • What about the negative perception associated with the GED? GED holders may be perceived by potential employers as quitters, or of taking shortcuts. Whereas, high school graduates are more likely to be viewed as persistent, reliable and motivated.

If you are a teen or adult who has dropped out of school, or you are considering your education options, these statistics should lead you want to earn your diploma.

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