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Written by Cindy M.

How to research online school options

Taking the time to research online schools is critical to your student’s success.

I found that out personally in 2013 when I needed to find an alternative to traditional school for my son. Brick and mortar school just wasn’t working for him. I researched all public school options open to us (including open enrollment within my state), and, brick and mortar private schools in my area. None of the choices had the answers to the issues my son had in school.  That’s where my online school search started.

Because I didn’t know what I was doing, I spent 40+ hours researching.

However, you don’t need to.

Research Made Easy

Here is the process that led me to the best online high school for my son.

    1. Breathe deeply for one minute, unless you are already calm cool and collected.
    2. Open a blank word file, or sit down with pen and paper.
    3. Put into words what is and isn’t working in your student’s current school situation.
    4. Identify what your student needs to succeed in school.
    5. Take your notes and decide which of the following online school types would best fit her needs:

a.  New – experimental (non-accredited)

b.  Brick and mortar school format but administered online (may or not be accredited)

c.  Online established private school (national or regional accreditation). I found Whitmore School, the world’s first online high school. They are AdvancED accredited and recognized by colleges and universities throughout the USA and even abroad.  Click here to read more about Whitmore’s accreditation.

d.  A home school/brick and mortar school hybrid (non-accredited to regional accreditation)

Note: Accreditation is important to you if your student wants to attend college after graduating. I found that AdvancED accreditation is the highest accreditation for high schools in the USA.

      7. Research to complete #5. This includes in depth research of each school’s website.

    1. When you have completed your research, you will have 1-5 schools that could work very well for your student.
    2. Call each school on your list and talk to actual school personnel about your student’s situation. This may help you rule out schools where it is impossible to get to speak with a real person.

Listen to your student’s ideas

     10. Ask your student what he needs to succeed in school. Record his / her answers. Listen without judgment. Work with your student to choose the best school for him/her. Coming to a mutual agreement is essential.

Enroll your student in your chosen online high school.

Taking the time to complete these steps will greatly increase your student’s success during her high school journey.

Happy Researching!

Written by:

Cindi M. parent of  Ryan M. 2017 Whitmore Graduate

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