Student Shout Outs

Bass Guitar Player for Rusty Blue

Joey is a Junior here at Whitmore School. Joey started playing the bass when he was in the 6th grade. At the time, his mom was taking lessons and thought it would be great for Joey to take lessons as well.

Soon enough, Joey became drawn to it. In the 7th grade he entered the talent show and met the lead singer of his current band called, Rusty Blue. In 8th grade the other two band players came along and they have been playing together ever since.

Big milestones for Joey’s band, Rusty Blue, it is self produced by Joey himself, they self released an album, which is very impressive for a local band. Rusty Blue was given the highest attendance record at a venue for their record release, they have won a battle of the bands contest and have toured in Delaware, Maryland, Boston and New York.

With the Rusty Blue band being so busy, we asked “How do you find time with school work, music, and touring?”

Joey said he works on his school work until 3pm and does his music in the evenings.

Joey plans to attend Drexel in the fall and wants to pursue in the music industry. All the band members are staying local so they can all continue to play together.

Three words Joey described himself were:

1. Innovative
2. Creative
3. Passionate

* Rusty Blue is an Alternative/Hard Rock band based in Wilmington, Delaware. The band won, Out & About Magazine’s Musikarmaggedon Battle of the Bands at the Baby Grand in Wilmington, Delaware.

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