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Ava C. – World Traveler

Ava’s parents have always dreamed of traveling as a family. At a young age, they introduced Ava to international foods with “Spin the Globe” nights, trying foods from local international restaurants. Soon began their dream to travel the world. Each family member selected different places to explore. They planned to follow the sun so they could pack lighter when they booked their airline tickets. In August of 2022, their dream became the trip of a lifetime…around the World in 10 months! As of June 2023, they have been to 23 countries and ALL 7 continents!!!

Ava C. Group Pic 2

Click the image below to visit their family blog, detailing their adventure:

Ava C. Blog Logo

Ava is able to balance her school work and exploring by setting a strict schedule of two full days of school, plus any additional time studying to maintain her straight A status in her full course load. She is learning about the museums in her world history lessons by seeing them firsthand in the different countries she visits.

Ava C. Group Pic 1Ava C. England Cathedral

Ava’s mom says, “Ava has thrived during the adventure abroad and will no doubt bring her appreciation and understanding of other cultures home.”

Ava C. Japan

Congratulations, Ava, on being a fantastic student at Whitmore
while also living out your family’s dream!

Ava C. Telephone Booth

WOW, what an adventure!


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