Student Shout Outs

Alex B. – Earns Eagle Scout

Alex B. earned his Eagle Scout by completing a project of building ten 84″ x 30″ storage shelves for a local shelter that serves homeless pregnant women and their children.  He also finished the room for the shelves, put in custom storage benches, and finished the walls, too.

Alex says, “It was especially challenging because I had to figure out how to  fund my work.  I had to approach local businesses  and ask for donations of materials.  I wrote up a presentation, visited each business, and answered questions.   Most businesses were very generous.  In fact, one local lumber company donated all of the plywood required to build the shelves.”

custom built storage lockers for homeless shelter
Custom built storage lockers

It took almost 5 months to complete , but it was well worth it in the end.   The shelter now has a large, safe area where the mothers and children can come in and hang up their coats and store things like diaper bags, car seats, and strollers.

“Because I am homeschooling with Whitmore, I was able to take some time off from my lessons  to work on my project.  It would have been much harder if I  were attending public school.  Whitmore has also helped me learn to plan my time better and learn to be more organized.  All those skills helped me  work with the volunteers and  complete this project.”

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