What is accreditation and why is it important?

Accreditation is awarded to educational institutions that meet high standards of providing quality education programs and services. A team of teachers and administrators from other schools review all aspects of the education, including curriculum, teachers, and administration. Accreditation is not a one-time event. Accredited schools must self-evaluate annually and commit to continuous improvement.

This is important to you. You can be assured that a Whitmore School diploma is accepted by colleges and universities across the country, and even abroad.



Three regional accrediting organizations merged to form AdvancED, the world’s largest and most recognized accrediting organization recognized by the US Department of Education. (SACS CASI, NCA-CASI, and NWAC). AdvancED serves 32,000 schools and school systems enrolling more than 20 million students in the United States and 70 other countries.

CompuHigh / Whitmore School is nationally accredited by AdvanceEd, and regionally accredited by NCA-CASI.

Read more about AdvancED accreditation here: AdvanceED

Other Recognition

An Award-Winning Virtual High School

We are proud to have received the Purple Stamp of Approval and be voted into the Top 10 Educational Websites of 2017 by

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Whitmore School offers engaging high school level courses. Whether you are enrolling in one of our Diploma Programs, or want to take additional courses not available at your current school, or you are looking to recover credits, you will find an excellent selection of courses to help you meet your personal goals.


(Note: Whitmore School core courses are not recognized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA, for student athletes pursuing athletic college scholarships.) 

Graduation Requirements

General Studies Track – 18 Credits

  • 4.0 credits of English
  • 2.0 credits Social Studies (including .5 credit U. S. Government, .5 credit World Geography, 1 credit World History or U. S. History)
  • 2.0 credits Science
  • 2.0 credits Math
  • 1.0 credit PE
  • 7.0 credits Electives (Including 0.5 credit Test Prep)

 College Prep Track – 22 Credits

  • 4.0 credits of English
  • 2.0 credits Social Studies (including .5 credit U. S. Government, .5 credit World Geography, 1 credit World History or U. S. History)
  • 3.0 credits Science (2 lab sciences)
  • 3.0 credits Math (including 1 credit Algebra 1, 1 credit Geometry, 1 credit Algebra 2)
  • 1.5 credits PE
  • 0.5 credit Speech (Communications)
  • 8.0  credits Electives (Including 0.5 credit Test Prep, 2 Foreign Language)

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