Mission & History

A school built by parents.

Just like you, they needed an educational solution for a teen.

Amber’s Story

CompuHigh was created in 1994 by Amber’s dad, Stan. She helped him realize that many families really need an alternative to traditional school. Amber was a really smart girl who had always done well in school. But when she started high school, she was bored. And, the social environment became so uncomfortable that she felt afraid to walk through the doors there. Her parents withdrew her and began homeschooling. They could barely keep up with her academic needs; she devoured all the books and curriculum they gave her.

In the early ‘90s the Internet was still in its infancy. There wasn’t really even a World Wide Web at the time. But Amber’s dad saw the potential for the Internet to provide an alternative school environment and opened the world’s first online high school.

In 2005, CompuHigh Whitmore became accredited by NCA-CASI (now AdvancED) in recognition of the excellent education we provide to students.

Alina’s Story

Alina hated high school. She excelled in English, but hated math. She hated feeling humiliated in front of her peers. Alina did everything she could to avoid that feeling. When her mom, Ellen, learned that she was skipping school, she knew she had to find a better option. She found CompuHigh-Whitmore School online. A school with mastery learning and no chapter tests was a good fit for Alina. There were some bumps in the road, but gradually Alina started enjoying school again. She didn’t enjoy making revisions to her assignments, so she worked harder to make her assignments better for the first submission. Eventually Alina discovered that she really is smart. She just needed a different learning environment to shine. Alina graduated early and thrived in college. She had learned to work independently and take charge of her education.

Alina’s mom was so impressed with how CompuHigh helped Alina find her academic success that she wanted to make CompuHigh available to more students. Alina’s mom founded the charter school, South Carolina Whitmore School, using CompuHigh’s curriculum and online systems adapted to a public charter school. Alina’s mom helped SC Whitmore School become the best virtual charter school in South Carolina. So when Amber’s dad started to think of retirement, he knew the school he built from scratch would be well-loved and cared for in the hands of Alina’s mom and dad.

Today, thousands of students have benefited from this unique online learning environment, where students take charge of their education, and discover exactly how they are smart.


Whitmore School’s Mission

Whitmore seeks to provide a supportive, challenging, and alternate learning environment. Students are encouraged to be in charge of their education, giving them the opportunity to develop creativity, independence, responsibility, time management and critical thinking skills. We emphasize mastery of all academic courses, allowing students to view themselves as capable of achieving their educational goals.


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