Meet Our Bloggers!

Alina B., South Carolina
Alumna Blogger, 2009 Graduate

Alina is a 2009 graduate of Whitmore School! She loved that fact that she could go to school year-round. This allowed her to graduate early. She writes from her own personal experiences at Whitmore.





Cindy M., Wisconsin

Cindy is Ryan’s mom, a 2017 graduate of Whitmore School.  Dealing with medical issues made Whitmore School the perfect solution for Ryan. Cindy writes about the finding the right school for your unique child’s needs.



Ellen R., South Carolina
Principal and Parent

Ellen is Alina’s mom, a 2009 graduate of Whitmore School. She shares first hand stories of successes and challenges from the parent perspective. Ellen is also the Principal of Whitmore School and teaches Work Ethics.



Garrett M., California
Current Student

Garrett is a freshman from California. He works two jobs to support his passion for Mountain Bike Racing. He trains 12 months a year to gear up for his competitive season. Garrett writes about how he manages to juggle work, school and racing.



Kerim O., Illinois
Current Student

Kerim enrolled in Whitmore School his freshman year. He chose Whitmore because it allowed him to take responsibility for his education. His goal is to graduate early and he plans to achieve that goal this spring!



Maddie M., Missouri
Current Student

Maddie has been enrolled in Whitmore for almost four years now. As a full-time gymnast who practices 20 hours a week, Whitmore allows her to keep up with her busy gymnastics schedule and get a personalized education at the same time. Through Whitmore, she discovered her passion for writing and has already been published!



Maggie M., South Carolina
English Teacher 

Maggie teaches English at Whitmore School and she brings so much enthusiasm to her work, as you will see when reading her Blogs. She loves her students and loves seeing their academic success. That Ah Ha moment makes her do the dance of joy!



Stephanie M., Florida

Stephanie is Cal’s mom, a freshman at Whitmore School. Cal is an early high school students who started at Whitmore when he was 12. She offers some great advice to other parents who are looking for a school solution.




Steve R., South Carolina
Business Manager and Parent

Steve is Alina’s dad. He brings a wealth of ideas about payment plans and discounted tuition to help parents find ways to pay for private online schooling.

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