Student Experience


What’s the most stressful part of high school? The due dates for assignments? The tests? The distracting social drama?

At Whitmore School, we erase all those stressful parts so you can really just learn!

No Due Dates.

Whitmore School doesn’t follow anybody’s schedule but yours. You turn in your assignments whenever you are done with them. Really! You will not have to worry about  falling behind schedule. This is just one way Whitmore School is different not only from your traditional school, but from other online schools as well.

Mastery Means Revise, Revise, Revise.

You know that sinking feeling you get when that big red grade at the top of the paper isn’t what you hoped it would be? We don’t like that feeling either, and we don’t think it helps people learn. At Whitmore School, you revise every assignment until you have mastered it! Here, you learn from your mistakes, instead of suffer from them.

Education Means Learning How to Learn.

Life doesn’t hand you a textbook and a multiple choice test sheet, and neither do we. Most of the assignments ask you to do a little digging to find things out for yourself. And you get to tell the teacher what you understand, in your own words. At Whitmore, you will read, think and write. These are the real life skills that make a difference when you head out into the world.

It’s Your Life, Live It!

Learning is important and requires hard work. But it doesn’t require you to be a scheduled by a series of bells that tell you when to shuffle from one classroom to the next. We know you have a lot of other things going on. So you take the wheel. Challenge yourself daily to learn and grow, but you will do it on your terms with Whitmore School.

Our Mission Statement Says It All:

CompuHigh-Whitmore School seeks to provide a supportive, challenging, and alternate learning environment. Students are encouraged to be in charge of their education, giving them the opportunity to develop creativity, independence, responsibility, time management and critical thinking skills. We emphasize mastery of all academic courses, allowing students to view themselves as capable of achieving their educational goals.


Whitmore School College Acceptances

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