Athletic Program Alliances

Athletic programs recommend Whitmore School 

Athletic programs specializing in building athletic skills of high school students pursuing NCAA eligibility, recommend Whitmore School to parents because of the academic rigor and flexibility of school schedule. Student athletes thrive in our online mastery-based learning environment, as they can fit school around a busy practice, travel and competition schedule. Core courses have been reviewed by the NCAA Eligibility Center, will prepare student athletes for the rigor of college level courses.

Whitmore School can also provide individual courses for students wanting earn additional credits or make up credits. Students are welcome to retake courses completed at other schools to improve their mastery of the material and/or their GPA.

Here are just a few of the Athletic Academies that recommend Whitmore School to their student athletes.


Guizar Tennis Academy – Clearwater, FL

GTA offers each player a training program that meets their individual needs, guided by specialists who monitor the daily progress and performance of each player. GTA focuses on implementing all aspects necessary for the overall development of a tennis player: each player’s physical, technical, tactical and psychological developments are closely monitored. GTA recommends Whitmore School to parents because it offers a rigorous curriculum with a flexible schedule that allows players to travel during their competitive season.


Nicolas Guizar 
Director, Guizar Tennis Academy 


Northern Cyclones Academy, Staunton, VA

The Northern Cyclones Hockey Club develops their players into more than just athletes. We develop student-athletes who value both their sport and education. Many of our athletes choose online education with Whitmore School  as it works with their rigorous season schedules, allows for extra individual/group on- and off-ice skill development during the day, and promotes responsibility, critical thinking, and problem solving skills essential for college success and life.

website: Northern Cyclones Academy



LBC Academy, Miami, FL

LBC Academy, a private school, is designed to equip students with 21st century skills needed for success. The offer a blend of opportunities including blended learning courses and hands on training. LBC recommends Whitmore School for students pursuing NCAA eligibility status. Whitmore School offers a year-round school calendar and students enjoy the freedom to work on their own time frame while earning credits towards their graduation requirements.




Whitefish Wolverines Junior Hockey Club, Whitefish, MT

Whitefish Wolverine Hockey Club (WWHC) is partnered with Whitmore School to develop an environment where student-athletes study with devoted teachers at a pace that takes into consideration the rigor created by high level athletic pursuit. Director Josh Steele says, “Academically, Whitmore School provides innovation, motivation, and individually tailored educational program at the highest level.”

Whitmore School works with the Wolverines to create a positive and supportive learning environment to develop the full potential of each individual. The Whitefish Wolverines recommends Whitmore School to student-athletes who have not received their high school diplomas.



“Academically, Whitmore School provides innovation, motivation, and individually tailored educational program at the highest level.”

Josh Steel
President and General Manager, Whitefish Wolverines Hockey Club