School Partnerships

A customized solution to meet your school’s needs

Whitmore School offers solutions to public, private and alternative schools.  Thousands of high school students have completed courses with us, enriching their education through our online mastery-learning experience.


Do you have students who will benefit from our unique mastery-based courses?


Students completing our online courses develop important life skills such as self-reliance, critical thinking, persistence, organization, accountability, and time management.

Enrolling a Student

Schools can opt to have parents enroll their students online and pay tuition directly to Whitmore School by automatic debit (ACH) payment or credit card payment, or mail a check. Parents can enroll their student in individual courses online any time of year. Parents are encouraged to obtain course approval from a school official to ensure that completed course credit will transfer back to your school.

Schools that have a Partnership Agreement with Whitmore School can opt to enroll their students and be invoiced for the tuition. Contact us at 844-409-0521 if you would like to discuss a partnership agreement.

Does your school want to enroll more than one student?

Schools can opt for a Partnership Agreement and enroll students directly. The school will be invoiced for tuition. Call our Admissions Coordinator at 1-844-409-0521, M – F  from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST, for details on partnering with Whitmore School. We can customize a blended learning program tailored to your students needs and develop a customized course registration form with your pre-approved course offerings.

What happens once a student is enrolled in a course?

Students will be emailed a welcome letter and instructions for beginning their course within 48 hours of receiving their enrollment registration and tuition payment. All new students complete a simple Student Orientation and can begin their course work immediately.

A designated school counselor will receive weekly progress reports so that you will be able to monitor student participation and progress.

Why is accreditation important to your school?

AdvancED accreditation is awarded to educational institutions that meet the highest standards of providing quality education programs and services. You can transfer Whitmore School credits to your school with confidence.


Three regional accrediting organizations merged to form AdvancED, the world’s largest and most recognized accrediting organization recognized by the US Department of Education. (SACS CASI, NCA-CASI, and NWAC). AdvancED serves 32,000 schools and school systems enrolling more than 20 million students in the United States and 70 other countries.

CompuHigh / Whitmore School is nationally accredited by AdvanceEd, and regionally accredited by NCA-CASI.


CompuHigh / Whitmore School is an approved NCAA core course provider. Visit and enter our High School Code (490940), then click the submit button to learn more.

School Partnerships 

Whitmore School has partnered with high schools around the country to improve student achievement, whether you have accelerated students who want to enrich their learning with online courses, or students who need remediation to stay on track for graduation. Whitmore School can provide a blended learning program customized for your student needs, or provide individual courses for students wanting to earn additional credits or make up credits. Here are just a few of our school partnerships:

Genesis Academy – Gifted Athletes Program, Memphis, TN

Team Genesis was founded with the purpose of cultivating the athletic potential of gifted athletes. Students live on campus and have a rigorous schedule of 2-a-day practices beginning at 5:00 am. When Director Harry Williams needed a school solution, he partnered with Whitmore School. The flexibility of our mastery-learning program allows students to fit school around their very hectic practice and game schedule. In 2016, 100% of the students graduated and were offered full scholarships to college.



Tunde Harry Williams, Jr.
President and Founder, Team Genesis International 





Glenforest School, West Columbia, SC

Glenforest is a non-profit, independent school providing high quality instruction to increase the academic skills and social competence of students with learning differences. The school nurtures a culture of self advocacy and the confidence to learn.





Guizar Tennis Academy – Clearwater, FL

GTA offers each player a training program that meets their individual needs, guided by specialists who monitor the daily progress and performance of each player. GTA focuses on implementing all aspects necessary for the overall development of a tennis player: each player’s physical, technical, tactical and psychological developments are closely monitored. GTA has partnered with Whitmore School in order to offer a rigorous NCAA approved curriculum with a flexible schedule that allows players to travel during their competitive season.



Nicolas Guizar 
Director, Guizar Tennis Academy 

Northern Cyclones Academy, Staunton, VA

The Northern Cyclones Hockey Club develops their players into more than just athletes. We develop student-athletes who value both their sport and education. Many of our athletes choose online education with Whitmore School  as it works with their rigorous season schedules, allows for extra individual/group on- and off-ice skill development during the day, and promotes responsibility, critical thinking, and problem solving skills essential for college success and life.

website: Northern Cyclones Academy

Robert E. Lee High School, Staunton, VA

Robert E. Lee High School takes advantage of the flexibility of our online mastery learning courses for students who need to make up lost credit. Students enroll either in individual courses and take up to a year to complete the credit, or enroll in an intensive summer school program completing credits during the summer months.

Garden City High School, Garden City, MI

Garden City High School has partnered with Whitmore School to offer courses year-round to augment their curriculum. Students enjoy the freedom to work on their own time frame while earning credits towards their graduation requirements. School Counselors like the ability to solve difficult scheduling conflicts.



SC Whitmore School, Columbia, SC

SC Whitmore School, a public online charter high school utilizes the Whitmore School curriculum to provide a free public school education in South Carolina. Hundreds of students, who may not otherwise have finished school, have graduated and gone on to college, careers and the military.



“CompuHigh / Whitmore School has been a great resource for our students. The process of getting students registered for courses has been seamless. I appreciate the weekly progress reports from CompuHigh because it helps us keep track our student progress. If we see a student falling behind, we are able to contact them pretty quickly and help keep them motivated.”

Ebone’ Adams, Ed.S
Assistant Principal, SC Whitmore School


Tantasqua Regional High School, Fiskdale, MA

School Counselors count on Whitmore School to help students make up missed credits in order to stay on track for graduation. Students can enroll any time of year and complete their courses on their own time-frame.


Tunsil Academy, Miami Gardens, FL

Tunsil Academy, a private school, has partnered with Whitmore School to provide students with an academically rigorous program as preparation for post-secondary education, with an emphasis on personalized education, fitness, community service, and extracurricular activities.



Virginia Multidivision Online Provider

CompuHigh / Whitmore School has been approved by the Virginia Board of Education as a provider of online courses to students who reside in Virginia and are enrolled in grades 9-12.  As an approved online provider, students may take an online course not offered at their local school to enrich their course schedule, or take a course to make-up lost credits. A full array of courses are available to Virginia students.




 Whitefish Wolverines Junior Hockey Club, Whitefish, MT

Whitefish Wolverine Hockey Club (WWHC) is partnered with Whitmore School to develop an environment where student-athletes study with devoted teachers at a pace that takes into consideration the rigor created by high level athletic pursuit. Director Josh Steele says, “Academically, Whitmore School provides innovation, motivation, and individually tailored educational program at the highest level.”

Whitmore School and the Wolverines work to create a positive and supportive environment to develop the full potential of each individual. Student-athletes who have not received their high school diplomas will become independent, confident, and engaged learners.



“Academically, Whitmore School provides innovation, motivation, and individually tailored educational program at the highest level.”

Josh Steel

President and General Manager, Whitefish Wolverines Hockey Club