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About NCAA and Whitmore School

CompuHigh / Whtimore School was among the first online high schools to offer core courses, reviewed by the NCAA Eligibility Center, to college bound athletes.  CompuHigh / Whitmore School has open enrollment, allowing students to be admitted into our Diploma program or begin a course at any time of year.

CompuHigh / Whitmore School has a “mastery learning” curriculum. The mastery learning process allows students to revise each assignment until mastery on that assignment is achieved. Completing all the lessons in a course prepares NCAA students to take a proctored final exam. Unlike the lessons, the exam can only be taken once.

More Information NCAA students should know…

The NCAA does not endorse, certify , officially recognize or accredit schools. The parent/guardian of a prospective student-athlete should ensure that programs are in compliance with NCAA bylaws.

High school students who want to go on to play college sports must meet eligibility standards set by the NCAA. The NCAA Eligibility Center will consider reviewed courses to certify a student’s initial eligibility. These standards guide the rigor of courses and the minimum scores students must earn in order to ensure athletes are well-prepared for college level academic work. For more information about NCAA eligibility criteria view this Quick Reference Guide or visit


NCAA Eligibility

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